Now it’s easy to choose what you want to listen to, stream African Music in all genres at your comfort around the world through a monthly subscription whether paid or free, users are able to stream their favorite artists easily on their own devices.

Mofity will bring you closer to your favorite musicians and artists across Africa.

What is?

               Mofity is a streaming service that will offer the African Music Industry and its artists a new method of sharing and distributing African music to consumers online across the world and make African music available online for streaming that will offer consumer’s unlimited access to large African catalogues of music.


With personalized music recommendations from day one and an easy-to-use interface, they can now enjoy unprecedented access to both the music they love and the favorites they’re yet to discover. Mofity creates a sustainable industry model that values African Music and African Artists and fans enjoy on demand playlists, find new music with assisted play listing, personalize by favoriting and sharing,


Mofity is an African Artist-Owned global music streaming and entertainment platform that brings artists, fans and cultures closer together through exclusive experience.       

How it works?

               African artists have had a hard time getting value from their work and we believe in value. We are committed to creating a sustainable model for the future of the music distribution which includes maintaining value for music, respecting creativity and be able to generate revenue.

Our model provides compensation to artists and are consistent in our approach helps artists regardless of whether an artists on a major label or independent.

We support full transparency to better educate consumers and stakeholders, and encourage all music industry stakeholders to embrace open communication about the cost of their services.              




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